Adam Kregel


6 thoughts on “Adam Kregel”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Brooke just told me I could leave you a message here. I have loved reading the blog and hearing about your trip but can not wait to see you and hear it from you. So thankful haven’t been sick. Been praying for you and the team all week. Cant wait for tomorrow!! I love you!


    1. Hi Mom,
      I’m having a great time, and I love it here! Thanks for the prayers, I’ve been telling people that I miss you.. Love you and see you soon!


  2. Hey Buddy Buckets. This is Sam. I miss you. I bought a new video game we can play together. Hmmmm…..we should sleep in the tent when you get back. GTA
    Love you- Sam


    1. What’s up Buddy Buckets! Miss you dude. We will definitely be playing the new game when I get back, and sleepover in the tent! Hahaha, don’t have too much fun with out me! Love you buddy buckets!


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