Emily Bajema


9 thoughts on “Emily Bajema”

  1. Hi Emmy,
    I hope you’re having a wonderful week in Guatemala! I can’t wait to hear all about all of your experiences! It must be so exciting being part of a team that is doing such amazing things, serving our Mighty God! Love you so much! 💗 Momma


  2. Emmy,
    Are those babies so precious? I bet you’re loving them to pieces! Hug them from me too! Bet you’re loving all of the interactions with those little ones! 💗 Momma


  3. Hi Emily,

    Hope all is going well! Can’t wait to hear all about your week! Miss you…..see you soon!!

    M Lumsden ❤️


  4. Hi Friends and Family,
    I am doing so well in Guatemala! Life has been so good and I can’t thank god enough for bringing me here this week. I miss everyone back home and I think about each and every one of you every day. I can’t wait to see all of you on Thursday! Love you guys!


    1. Love you and miss you Emily! Praying our mighty God works in big ways this week! Paying for you each and every day. Love you!


  5. Hi Emmy,
    Momma is praying for you especially! I know a lot of the team is sick and we’re all praying for them. I know you are too! I love you so much! 💗 Hope it’s a wonderful day for you and everyone today! I know it’s dedication day! Can’t wait to see pictures of the house and family you were part of blessing!


  6. Hi Emily!

    I hope you are having the most amazing time in Guatemala! I am so proud of everything you are doing to help others. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Praying for your health and a safe travels home ❤



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