John Kirchhoff


2 thoughts on “John Kirchhoff”

  1. Hello friends and what’s left of my family reading the blog! I know I haven’t been keeping anyone updated this week, and I just wanted to let you all know that there are plenty of reasons why. If you’ve read the previous posts you know that there has been a terrible sickness going around the base here. It’s spread by touch so I didn’t want to risk absolutely anything by touching the computer. Today will be our “six”th 😉 full day in Guatemala, so with everything I’ve experienced, I thought I’d take the risk. When people say that words can’t describe the presence of God on a mission trip, believe them. The things God has responded to because of our prayers has been so amazing. When dedicating the houses we built yesterday, on more than one occasion I felt a breeze at my back when we said our final Amen. Coincidence or not (definitely not), God’s presence was so eminent in that moment. There were countless other experiences like that one that I can’t wait to share with everyone when I get back. Please continue praying for the sickness to leave our base, and that we travel safe tomorrow. Thank you for the love and support that I can truly feel from nearly 3,000 miles away 🙂 I love you all and once again can’t wait to tell everyone of my unbelievable experience here in Guatemala.


    1. P.S. I forgot to change the name so it looks like McKenna wrote this about me. But don’t worry it’s actually me, John Kirchhoff that wrote this.


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