Macey George


6 thoughts on “Macey George”

  1. Hi Macey,
    Happy 17th Birthday! Hope you have fun celebrating your birthday in Guatemala!
    💗 Kelly


  2. Love you Macey. We miss you. I thought about you lots yesterday, the day of your birth. I looked at your scrapbook. I went to yoga with Heidi this morning and we really missed you. See you tomorrow!!


    1. Hi mom!! I missed you yesterday and i can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! I am glad that i didn’t get sick, my stomach did feel a little funny but nothing too bad. The car rides don’t help. Bought you, Mitchell, Grandma and uncle Tom some stuff at the market. I feel bad that i didn’t get Madison or dad something, I didn’t find anything that i thought they would like. Love you!!!!!


  3. Hi, Macey, and HB in the beautiful country of Guatemala! Mitchell did a great job of accompanying Tyler P on his tuba solo last Sunday and playing the piano for congregational singing. Hope the team is feeling better and that they had a memorable time in Antigua today. This is the city in which Fernando and Kathryn were married!
    Praying for safety in everyone’s travels home tomorrow,
    Jack and Paula Winn
    Joshua 1:8, 9


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