Nathan Raymond


5 thoughts on “Nathan Raymond”

  1. Hi Nate! I keep praying for you guys all the time! I hope you’re working and hard and having a riot! Love you and miss you!!


  2. Hi Tater! Hope you are having a BEELAAAST!!! Fling some stucco at someone. I did. It was fun. 🙂 Maybe gramps would like that. Love ya!!!



  3. Did ya puke??? Oh man I hope not!!! Lola ate your cats food tonight. She’s trying to oust your feline friend forever!! Love you and can’t wait to hear all about it…..cuz you’re gonna tell me everything, riiiiiight??!! Right!! Been praying for you all and your Gutemalan friends!!!


    1. Oh he for sure blew chunks. Gramps said he was in the bathroom for hours. I’m sure he also has no plan of checking his posts, so I had to!


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